Q. My fairy light chain is not lighting up at all, what should I do?

If you follow the cable from the plug to the lights you will find the white-tipped fuse bulb underneath one of the first two balls on your cable.

Please carefully remove them to locate the fuse bulb, and replace it with the spare white tipped bulb in the small bag next to the plug.

If you replace this bulb the lights should work as this fuse bulb light acts as a circuit breaker for the cable to protect it from spikes of electricity/an overloaded circuit.

Now check if any other bulbs are not lighting up. This is important as it could be the cause of the fuse bulb breaking as it would overload the circuit if one or more normal bulbs have fused.

If you find some fused bulbs (not lighting up) take the balls off them (so you can identify them easily) then turn off the lights at the mains by unplugging them and change the bulbs with normal (not white tipped) bulbs which are supplied in the same bag as the fuse bulb.

If changing the fuse bulb does not work, check the bulbs underneath the balls working your way up the cable – if they are black instead of clear, all the bulbs need changing before the fuse bulb can work. In this case please contact us at: info@cableandcotton.co.uk


Q. A bulb is not lit, what should I do?

Turn off and unplug the lights from the mains supply, then pull out the offending bulb and replace with one of the spares located in the plastic bag next to the plug.


Q. I have used all my spare bulbs, what should I do ?

You can order some new bulbs directly from our website.


Q. The cotton ball gets dented when I try to insert the light, what should I do?


Please ensure that you are pushing the bulb through the slit next to the hole, and not the hole itself. Make the hole a little bigger if it is too small for the bulb, with a small pair of sharp scissors if necessary. Don’t worry if the balls dent a little when pushing the bulb in as the dent will pull out when you pull out the bulb after inserting it fully.


Q. There is a dent in my ball, what should I do?

This can happen as the balls are quite delicate but it’s OK – you can push in a pen or pencil (or knitting needle if you have one!) into the hole and push out the dent. If you are a perfectionist then you can spray a little water on the dent and push it into the perfect round shape. When it dries, hey presto, it will be perfect again (and you’ve saved the environment from posting spare balls back and forth and saved yourself a trip to the post office too!).


Q. My lights have fused several times, what should I do?


It’s a safety thing (the fuse bulb blowing) and your fuse bulb is blowing for a reason – this could be power surges but is most likely something far more simple….Have you checked there are not a couple of fused bulbs in your chain of lights? If you replace the fuse bulb but not the fused ‘normal’ bulbs it will keep fusing the circuit until you change them.


Q. What is your Returns/Refunds policy?

Policy in relation to faults: Please retain your proof of purchase. Warranty period is for the first 6 months from date of purchase, for the cable/bulbs only. 50% off is offered against cost of replacement cables/bulbs in the six months thereafter. Warranty is valid with receipt. Email us for details at info@cableandcotton.co.uk



Q. What is your Exchange policy?

A. If once you receive your order you change your mind on the colours you ordered, we will be happy to exchange them. We cannot replace any used or damaged items. Please send the balls to be exchanged only to the shop address below with a note stating the problem and delivery address for replacements. Make sure you include what colours you would like sent to you. You will need to pay the return postage cost of £2.95 You can pay this via cheque made payable to cable and cotton or over the phone with credit/debit card.


Q. What are the postage costs and times?

UK Mainland Postage:
3–5 working days £2.95

Express UK delivery:
1–2 Working Days £4.95

Outside Mainland UK:
Charges may vary. Price will be calculated once country/postcode has been selected.


Q. What are the Shop Opening Times?

Monday – Saturday 10-6
Sunday 11-5
Opening times may vary during bank holidays
24 Meeting House Lane