Original Christmas lighting ideas


The only limit to what you can achieve with a Christmas lighting scheme is your imagination. The festive period represents a truly wonderful opportunity to be inventive with unique decorative ideas for your home. Here are some of our suggestions and thoughts.

Setting the tone

There are generally two ways you can approach Christmas lighting – warm, neutral tones or bold pops of festive colour. Some people consider the former more tasteful, while others think it’s only really Christmas if red and green are at the center of the scheme. If you want to be more understated (as pictured above) our Glow combination is a great choice.

But as you can see from the above, it’s possible to introduce colour tastefully with the right combination and placement (see our Rainbow Drops selection if you want to achieve the look).

Make something simple amazing

The great thing about fairy lights is that they can have so many applications, particularly at a time like Christmas where there are infinite opportunities to be creative. The combination of minimalist decorations draped in lights never fails:

Again, you can be warmer in your choice of colour too without it being gaudy and over the top. It’s all in the placement

Containing the light

We’ve seen many stunning applications of string lights in glass lanterns and similar containers, which would make an original and completely bespoke feature this Christmas.

Share the inspiration

Our Pinterest boards are packed with inventive ideas that you can use this Christmas for gorgeous lighting schemes. And of course, we love to see what you come up with, so please do share your creations with us.

Pick your lights

If you’re unsure about which combinations will look best together, our pre-selected lights are a great place to get some ideas. Or if you’re feeling bolder, why not create your own set?